perjantai 20. huhtikuuta 2018

Solid Wood Amp Cabinet

It's been a while since I last posted here. But here we go again!

I bought some top/body wood for future acoustic builds, and received a nice billet of Padauk as extra. It was just a tad too short to be cut into guitar back & sides, and thus I finally figured a use for it. It was resawn into 13mm panels to make a new, flashy looking cabinet for my Fishman Loudbox Artist acoustic guitar combo amp.

Here are some pictures of the build process with short explanations attached!

The start. Rough cut 50mm thick mystery plank showed
some nice red texture with distinct rosewood-like scent
After initial planing it showed its true beauty!
Then it popped to my mind. Would the plank be enough
to make a new cabinet for my combo amp?
After taking the measures, time to take
the old cabinet apart 
New side panels: Solid wood
in stead of particle board
Loudbox Artist has a tilted cabinet, and most
of the angles were something else than 90°.
I glued the back to the bottom plate on top
of the old cabinet to get support for the seam 
The front plate and top plate under the amp head were made of 12mm plywood

Testing the fit before final glue down
Box together, short of front grille only.
On the floor you can see the old MDF cabinet. A future birdhouse perhaps? 
Done! I decided to discard the plastic corner protectors. I promise to be careful!

Looking unique!
The sides the audience will never get to see

How does it sound? As good as always!
ToneDexter and Voicelive Play Acoustic bring nice
spice to the already gig worthy sound.
Padauk cabinet matches nicely my
cedar-cocobolo Terz guitar.

lauantai 20. helmikuuta 2016

Timbre Tones Microphones website

I started a little website for the microphones. Check out!