maanantai 13. syyskuuta 2010

Last peeks inside

The koa-guitar's box (not the case yet) has been closed. Here are the last photos of the insides before the (hopefully) final closing.
Here you get the idea of the Linda Manzer's Wedge desing
(or my trying to get there). The body is tapered towards the
bass side to make it easier to hold and play. In this pic there's
still some sanding to go.
The koa in the back looks awesome - even without finish on it!
Umm... I think I'll need to work with those top edges before i give it out. Better make a note...

The soundport cut. It's purpose is to provide
the player with a bit more sound.
Kinda personal monitor thing... It'll also bring some
"dimensionality" to the sound, especially in smaller rooms.
This is my firm belief...

I felt the soundport area needed some extra
support and put an extra brace  there.
And yes, the top is trimmed flush
to the sides too

Glue spread, just seconds before the closing.
Here we go...

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