keskiviikko 17. marraskuuta 2010

Let the french polishing begin!

I've finished all my guitars with french polished shellac. It's easy to apply at home, traditional, non-toxic, and gives a superior shine with next to none sanding & buffing. And it takes only a few days of hand-fatiquing rubbing... It's not the most resistant to wear & chemicals (like, say, water & spirits), but pretty easily repairable. Many traditionalists think its the best finish tonewise due to minimal thickness added to the top. The downside is the wood gets easily marred & scarred if the player isn't taking enough care while handling & playing the guitar. No stage diving with this baby, please!

Anyway, the "first round" is now accomplished. Seven to eight more to go...

I must say I'm humbled to have a chance to work with these kind of materials. The Creator of this Universe is so rich he could afford to make the trees in the woods look this stunning from the inside!

I just might have to keep this guitar and get a nice Landola for Pekka instead...

The Lutz spruce set was called "Snow Leopard Claw". See the reason?

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Thanks for a great offer, bro! My first guitar was a Landola, so I guess it would feel like coming home getting another one...but wait, let me was a nylon string. If you could deliver me one with nylon strings, it should be ok!

Another thought, any chance I could have this new one? ...Please ; )


Janne Koskela kirjoitti...

Pekka, I think I've got just what you need: A nylon strung 3/4 Landola, made completely of plywood. I bought it for 7€ from a friend some 15 years ago. It'll need fresh strings, but you'll find them there too. OK?