maanantai 20. helmikuuta 2012

Top to the rim

It's funny how a hobby can be so rewarding. Seeing an acoustic guitar coming together piece by piece, brings such a joy to my esthetic eye. Knowing it was I whose hands and effort made it happen, makes the feeling even better. I'm humbled and privileged to have the opportunity to work with these things. Thank you, Heavenly Father! Thank you, my dearest wife! Thank you friends who have asked me to build a guitar for you!

Jyrki's guitar got it's top and sides glued together today. The body is going to have two additions to the "ordinary" double O -style:
First, there's my interpretation of the Manzer Wedge shape, making the body thinner at the bass side and thicker at the treble side, thus making the guitar more comfortable to hold and play. In a small guitar like this, it wouldn't be utterly necessary, but as I build the 00's some 10mm deeper than Martin, the slight wedgines makes a difference for the rib cage in longer sessions.
Second, there's a soundport on the upper bout of the bass side, making the guitar project towards the player's ears too. 
Not much in this pic. Only pressure. The four cam clamps I got
 from Bauhaus are awesome! Light and handy. 
The inside view.  Side kerfing is mahogany, side "bracing"
western red cedar. 

There's propably still homework to do
 with symmetry. But I'm approaching...
This one's a lot better try than #1#.

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