torstai 12. huhtikuuta 2012

Headstock decal

I'm awfully busy with my real work, but nevertheless wanted to post a few pictures of the headstock decal that arrived today from Best Decals. They have a handy decal-designer app at their site. The logo says Kenosis, which is greek (κένωσις) transcribed into latin alphabet and means emptying. It's the word st. Paul uses in Philippians 2:7, describing Christ's incarnation, his coming down and self-humbling. He was nothing short of God, but emptied Himself of his divine glory and power, was born of Virgin Mary and became our servant and slave to save us.

In addition to these spiritual connotations, kenosis to me marks the process of building the guitar and letting go of it "into the wold." During building, the luthier "empties" everything he/she knows about the craft – and a lot of what he/she is, his soul – into the single instrument. When finished, it's time to let the guitar go and start making music in somebody else's hands. But because of this "kenosis", in every note played and every moment spent with the instrument, the builder is somehow present.

New ageish? Maybe, but not intentionally. Sugary sweet? Heck sure!

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