keskiviikko 10. lokakuuta 2012

Pre-war gem strung

The pre-war repair project is now strung and found out to be an absolute player! You can check back in the blog to see the condition the guitar was brought in. My aim was not to restore the guitar as a museum object, but a playing instrument. So some support was added to the neck block, and the neck joint was converted from a badly made dovetail to a well made bolt on. The soft and worn out vintage frets were replaced with new ones. In addition, I had to make a new pyramid bridge to replace the split and warped original. The bridge relocated, and the saddle properly compensated, the guitar plays in tune for the first time in its 100 years, I believe. Anyway, this again is one of those guitars I will hate to depart with when that time comes.

Here's two simple samples of the sounds. The Billie Holiday classic from 1939 just had to be sung with this guitar. Imagine it was already 25-30 years old when that song was written! Sorry about the out of tune singing. There's no bridge relocation for that. Just practice.

God bless the child
Virsi 184

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Miika kirjoitti...

Loistavata! Kaupungissa on uusi kitarakorjaaja. There's a new kid in town!

Janne Koskela kirjoitti...

ah ja voi, ei yksi projekti vielä korjaajaa tee. Mutta tulehan kokeilemaan jos ehdit ennen sunnuntaita. Tällaisia vintagelukemia harvemmin Suomessa tapaa