tiistai 7. toukokuuta 2013

The end of a long project

A few pictures of the Jouni K 50th anniversary guitar getting set up and finally strung up. Maybe a little sound clip as well, one of these days.

The final poll for Jouni is to tell which of the the two cases he likes more. And which kind of strings I have to put on.

Here are little samples, as promised. If nothing else, they show my great lack of self-criticism...
Recorded with stereo pair of small diaphragm condenser mic straight into zoom R16. A little panning and reverb added in Logic.
This is the easiest playing and loudest of my guitars yet. Very pleasant to play (tried on two gigs), very unpleasant to part with.

I've done this enough to remember to protect the top before bringin up the fret file

With a 400grit sanding paper taped to the side, this spirit level makes a nice fret leveler. Before sanding, I mark the tops of the frets with a marker pen.
Strung up and running! Swwweet tones!
the bridge glue seam came out nicely
The endpin jack leads into JJB contact pickup
Inside label re-designed

Back of the headstock veneer is walnut
Big thanks to Aaron Hix for this cocobolo set!
Hard to get a decent photo of this shining bone nut
Very good quality moon spruce top from Martin at Eurospruce

4 kommenttia:

Jouni Kekäle kirjoitti...

Absolutely stunning! Thanks for the superb job, Janne. I think I like the black case better after all. A set of 11-56 would suit me fine, thank you.

Best, Jouni

Janne Koskela kirjoitti...

Ouch! This shop only contains string sets starting with 0.012". I'd recommend you to give it a try. With a proper setup its easily playable and gives fatter tone. So I've heard...

Jouni Kekäle kirjoitti...

OK, no problem. Just go ahead with these. Best, Jouni

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Ihanasti soi - tosi kauniisti!