tiistai 25. helmikuuta 2014

Go-Bar Spraying booth and amazing tuners

My Koa uke fell from its wall hanger, landed down on its endpin jack and got six fractures in its back and sides. The end block was split as well. So I had to take the thing apart and do some gluing. All the splits seem to have settled nicely. This felt like a good opportunity to experiment with finishing. So I stripped the box of the shellac finish and sanded down to wood. This time I'm putting on nitrocellulose finish (easy way- in a spray can), to see if it's doable at home, and how it turns out.
Toasting off the bridge. 5 to 10 minutes under the halogen spotlight eases the glue seam

So I needed to improvise a spraying booth to control the dust and spreading lacquer all over my shop. My Go-bar deck seemed like a fitting solution. Plastic walls around and a hole in the roof to hang the guitar body to be sprayed. A few not so goo quality cell pics to demonstrate this.

Very improvised, mobile but able
You need a window to see where the lacquer is going

And this is what it looks like inside

Oh, and a pic of the amazing set of slot-head 3-on plate Waverly tuners with snakewood knobs I got for my next build underway, a 13 fret modeled after SCGC H13. At least tunerwise the guitar's gonna be phenomenal!

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