perjantai 20. helmikuuta 2015

Uke progress

Ukulele sides were thicknessed and bent Monday. Now they're glued to their blocks and shaped. Top-side kerfing got on just a few minutes back. It's progressing, Olavi!

Gluing the sides to the top 
Top trimmed to the sides. The back will be glued once I get the pickup installed.

Cocobolo binding on maple will make a strong statement!
The headstock with traditional square shape, cocobolo top veneer and black-white sandwich in between

Nice orange-black striping

Elevation system being installed 

In case someone should crack the uke open...

So many clamps in so little space...

Here we go! Ready for routing for the bindings

Norwegian gem stone in silver, surrounded with Cocobolo leafs.

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