tiistai 18. lokakuuta 2011

Go-baring the top and some nice wood

Being a spare time hobby for me, luthiery hasn't caught much attention lately. Here's some latest activities over a pretty long period:

- preparing and gluing the top center seam for Jouni's guitar.
- preparing and gluing, re-preparing and re-gluing the back center seam for the same. The Ultimately Good Looking Cocobolo (UGLC) seems to be a very tricky wood to be glued. It's a very oily wood and seems to be rejecting almost everything I have to offer gluewise. It remains to be seen, if the latest trick'll do the trick.
- preparing top bracing for Jyrki's guitar. This has become a lot easier with the concave discs I made. I'll just simply put some sanding paper on the disc and sand the braces in right shape to fit the curvature of the top. Less guesswork, faster and more precise glue seams.
- Gluing down the bracing using the Go-Bar method, AKA AAWSIBTSP (Awful Amount of Wooden Sticks In Between Two Slabs of Plywood).

German Master Grade "moon spruce" and Mexican Cocobolo

Nice detailing in the wood

The sides have a distinctive pattern too

Laying down the bracing pattern for the 00-sized guitar. For some reason the lowest two braces run the wrong way in this picture 
Go-bar gluing the bracing - first all the rest of them

And then the center x-brace too. It took 26
 bars to get there, I believe. 

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