maanantai 26. syyskuuta 2011

Global rosette

Here's two shots of the 00-top with rosette installed. Top is european spruce, very stiff and nice looking stuff bought from a chinese seller through american ebay. Rosette with East Indian rosewood and  New Zealand Paua abalone is bought from a taiwanese seller in ebay. Put together in Oulu, Finland. Now figure that globalization out!

The rosette channel was cut with a dremel tool attached to a home made routing base. Two parallel runs was sufficient, as the rosette fits in a single wide slot. Soundhole was cut with the same tool, only deeper.

The rosette opening is a bit offset to get the grain direction right. The opening is nevertheless covered by the fingerboard.

This appears to be one of my cleanest rosette installations so far. Experience? Luck?

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