lauantai 24. elokuuta 2013

Amazing files!

I bought three new files from Stewmac, ones that I´ve been desiring ever since I saw them in their online store. Now that I've made my first neck, heel and bridge with them (the tenth overall), I know I should have gotten them a long time ago. May I introduce: The Dragon Hand-cut Rasps and Razor File!

These files are serious tools for any woodworker wanting effectiveness and precision. They cut easily and make the heel making a breeze. Compared to carving with a knife, the file is safer, to the hands, but also because they won't chip and tear of wander along the grain. They're also less sensitive to grain direction in the wood. Compared to the files at your (or my) local hardware store, these files cut much faster, cleaner and smoother. Especially the Razor File leaves almost like a planed surface. Not much sanding needed, even on ebony!

Both of these files are available in different shapes and grit. I chose the small double radius in both coarse and fine of the Dragon Rasps. Somebody at the feedback section mentioned, that the small Dragon Rasps will do just fine, and I agree. The two different radii give the file nice variation, and there was no curve in the heel I couldn't get into with these. Naturally the coarse one cuts more aggressively, and the fine one is fine to smooth everything out and fine-tune everything for sanding.

For the Razor File I chose the large flat model. I might get the large curved model some day, the performance was such impressive. I could imagine cleaning up the slots for a slotted headstock would be easy with the flat one, and shaping the bridge wings nice with the curved one.

They are much more expensive than the generic rasps and files at the local store. But definitely worth the milk and honey you have to pay for them! Take a try!

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