keskiviikko 7. elokuuta 2013

Birthday guitar handed over

I asked Jouni to shoot a picture of him and the guitar he got. Here it is, enclosed with a few detail photos I wanted to keep to myself before the birthday. Here's Jouni's first impressions of the instrument:

Dear Janne,

Having now played the guitar for a few days I'd like to make the following comment on it.

I have played guitar for 36 years, mostly electrics, but I have come across a few acoustics during that time as well. 

This is a serious, professional grade instrument. The sound has wonderful, complex harmonies and a nice internal echo follows a note - something that I always search for. I have played some Martins and this is up to the very same level. And what a beauty this is. Thank you very much, 

Best, Jouni

I also made a little book to document (in Finnish) the build. Here is a link to it:

Suomenkielinen kuvakirja synttärikitaran rakennusvaiheista

To my eye it looks like we have a happy picker!
The 12th fret inlay is a mosaic tube pin with abalone center. These pins are sold at knife making stores
The headstock has a somewhat bold inlay, my first ever made, and thus not too closely pictured here... J and K are the initials of the player,  L stands for Roman 50.

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