torstai 7. elokuuta 2014

Bracing the back

Here's a few photos showing my back bracing procedure.

The figured sapele back and sides look very very nice with a spit coat of shellac on.

With a little shellac, Sapele came to life!
Back braces squared out (with a pen marking in the bottom for the sanding phase), center seam reinforcement strip in place
Shaping the braces to the back radius on concave disc. I keep sanding until all of the pen marking is gone.
nice radius!
Time to notch the center seam strip for the braces
Popping out the piece-to-be-popped-out with a chisel
All ready for gluing down the bracing on the go-bar deck. Under the back is the same concave disc on which the braces were shape-sanded. 
Braces glued, glue spill out cleaned

It doesn't look bad at all, thinks I

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