torstai 21. elokuuta 2014

Top bracing, side bending, fretwire bender and 13 fretter neck

The Redwood top of Sami's guitar has now been braced and the quilted Sapele sides bent. Looking good, progressing with a nice pace.

In the bottom there are pics of my 13-fret neck-to-be with roughed out headstock, and below that is a picture of the fret wire bender I made out of old (dusty&rusty) skateboard bearings, an old birch wood bed leg and three bolts and washers. It's turned with a 10mm wrench and works like a charm for 0€ product!
Adirondack spruce only! 
LMII has kindly labeled every item they supplied, 
so I won't accidentally build an adirondack neck
 and brace the top with neck wood.

Coming together. Just add some glue here and there...
X-brace crossing notched...
…for a perfect, snug fit.
Gluing the major braces in go-bar
Shaping the first set of braces before gluing down the rest
More bracing!
Shaped and scalloped, only short of bridge plate
Adirondack spruce was a delight to carve!
Side before bending in a boiling water
my hi-tech side bending rig
the ready bent side.
 This set of Sapele was very easy to bend. 

The other side.
Enough leftover for a future head plate veneer!

Here is the headstock of a 13-fretter I've been making
 for myself for quite some time.
Waverly 3-on a plate tuning machines
with snakewood knobs look very nice! 
Headplate veneer is a merge of Madagascar
rosewood and koa, with black and white
 maple sandwiched under.
The spanish cedar neck center strip
is walnut with b/w stripes.
Here is the fret wire bender.
Looking bad, working like a charm!
If you want to learn to build it
(the pic itself is quite self-explanatory),
 contact me or just google fret wire bender.

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