sunnuntai 31. toukokuuta 2015

Two finished instruments

This spring I have been working with two very different ukulele based instruments: A concert Ukulele with redwood top and flamed maple back/sides and a U-bass with sapele/maple/walnut body with koa top and maple neck. Both are now finished with eye and ear pleasing results! Thanks Olavi and Miika! Next up: Summer vacation!

Necks got Tru Oil finish. Bodies french polish

Short of one string that I broke
accidentally before tuning. 

The U-bass truly is tiny! Yet it plays in the actual bass register.
Polyurethane string magic!

The player with his bass, this time with
Aquila Thunder Red strings.

The bass is equipped with L.R.Baggs under saddle pickup
and active electronics

The tiny headstock barely fits the tuning machines.

Bridge and fingerboard are ebony. The cocobolo binding
kind of complements the color scheme. Well picked, Olavi!

BGM Electronics Elevation system
with 2 discs installed inside

Lisää kuvateksti
Grover Sta Tite 14:1 uke tuners

Flashy flames!

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