tiistai 5. toukokuuta 2015

Uke progress

It's been a very busy spring time at the Luther front, and too quiet here at the luthiery front. Anyways, some progress has taken place with Olavi's uke project. Just some gap filling and tedious sanding and we're good to start the finishing sessions. In the two last pics you see the reason for slow progress. One must study New Testament Greek to be a good Kenosis-luthier!

Headplate is flaming orange Cocobolo

Here is a Norwegian gem stone that will be seated in visa birch/cocobolo.

13 frets clear to the body

Coco binding creates a strong contrast on redwood/mapple

Masking tape to prevent cocobolo bleed into maple. The binding is coated first with several coats of shellac. This should keep the colors clean.

My son started a little solid body U-bass project at school and home with me. 21 inch scale and THICK polyurethane strings. Neck is flamed maple, body is laminated of sapele, walnut and maple and will receive a figured redwood top once it arrives. Nice project!

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ktuurna kirjoitti...

Moi. Mulla on suunnitelmissa konserttikokoisen ukulelen rakentaminen. Osaisitko neuvoa mistä voisin löytää piirrustukset sellaiseen?

Janne Koskela kirjoitti...

Moi. Mulla on parit kaavat, jotka tilasin taannoin osoitteesta www.donsplans.com