perjantai 22. lokakuuta 2010


My "workshop" has had some electifying additions lately. Namely, a band saw, a belt/disc sander and a vacuum to remove the saw-&sanding dust. All this helps a lot in cutting&shaping, especially with the neck components. Still, a lot remains to be done with traditional tools - and so it should be too.

The Teletubbies used to have a vacuum cleaner called NooNoo (or something like that). This one is almost as cute, only the eyes are missing.
Here's the power tools. The Santa Cruz guitar on the wall is something every shop should have...

The long & short. The fretboards are in shape, and the right one is already slotted & dotted

There's going to be a lot of streaking going on in the baritone...  Both the headplate & fb are macassar ebony. The fb had to be filled with superglue/sawdust as there's an open knot right in the middle.

Here's the jig for routing the neck pocket to the guitar. That's next in the line

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