maanantai 11. lokakuuta 2010

This day I've been mostly shopping

It's been quite a few busy weeks with everything else. Today I finally got a few hours to do a little something - namely shopping - with these projects . I picked up two truss rods from Amfisound and two sets of Schertler tuning machines from the customs. In addition, a couple of router bits to fit the truss rods and making the neck to body joint.

Cutting the scarf joint at an exactly 13° angle

Here's some head veneer options, cocobolo and macassar ebony 
Here's another macassar ebony head
veneer. This one's going into
the baritone guitar,  I believe.

Planing the scarf joint in line

And gluing it down.
Sorry about the messy picture,
but the room WAS messy.
The plastic bag is there to prevent the
gluing caul to become a part of the guitar

Todays purchases, ready to be fitted. Yes, there are 8 of them in the left side group.
 It's going to be an 8-string baritone.

Genuine ebony buttons, 18:1 gear ratio

The Spanish Cedar neck-to-come, satin chrome tuners
and the router bits. Here we go!

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