keskiviikko 27. lokakuuta 2010

Neck joint & fingerboard. And quite some stripes

The baritone get-together-date is approaching. I decided to practice the neck joint with the guitar that's coming to my possessions. Good decision! A lot learned again. For example: Double check the depth of the router bit cut before routing the neck pocket... This one turned out 10mm deeper than planned. Happily, there was some reserve left in the heel block...

The neck joint takes some tweaking to sit properly

Gluing down the fingerboard

The heel and the bolt inserts. Highest is the truss rod nut peeking.

Bolting the neck to the body - about the 5th test drive, pictured by my nearly 2 years old son 

"Daddy truing the fingerboard"

Approaching the shape. Pretty striped overall... The neck (underside) will be shaped after the fb radius (16") is final and the 20 frets are in place. The finish'll take away the purpleness of the back and sides and turn it into chocolatey-brownish tone.

I used the barely visible 2mm abalone dots as the fb markers for an understated look.  There's pretty much going on  colorwise anyway. Once finished, there will be about all the shades of chocolate.

The headstock veneer with nice striping & curl

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Huovinen Harri kirjoitti...

Hienoa jälkeä. Ja hieno kirjasto! :-)

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Syötävän hyvän näköinen :)
t. PekkÅ

Janne Koskela kirjoitti...

Joudummeko hieromaan kauppaa kahdesta, Pekka?
Harri, totta. Kirjatossa on lukemattomia hyviä kirjoja. Joitakin olen ehtinyt selailemaan...