torstai 1. syyskuuta 2011

Go Baring

Go Bar -method is a simple yet powerful way to clamp braces to the top/back plates with wooden/glassfiber rods. During spring and a bit of summer I built myself one (it's really simple too). Before this built I've been utilizing interiors of what used to be a kitchen cupboard, but it's floor gave in to the pressure so I had to make a more "professional" one. The hardest part is to make a concave mdf disc to arch the braces to achieve the wanted radius on top/back.

Finally I got to try the method today, and it seems really good. The braces are easily radiused with some sanding paper on the disc, and will exactly match the back when gluing on the same spot they were sanded.

Hope a few pics will explain it better.

The "cradle" for routing the concave disc. Behind it the actual Go-Bar system

the railway for the router, with proper radius sanded to it

and here we go. Takes a few passes to make it smooth.

...and is pretty dusty too!

And here is the Go-Bar system in use. The wooden rods provide the clamping pressure

Jyrki, here I come! Not too many months anymore

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