lauantai 6. syyskuuta 2014

Guitar frame, end block and neck block

Sami's guitar is making nice progress again. It could be playing its first chords before christmas!

Gluing the end block and neck block.
The blocks have been glued to the sides and here I'm trimming them to the right height
Using the concave sanding disc to make the
sides and blocks fit the top radius
sanding 'till all is nice and level
Heel block detail. I laminate the block with
 four different grain direction for best
possible gluing surfaces and resistance toward splitting.
The under the fretboard extension will house the bars and
 screws to attach the fingerboard.
80 clothespins will do! The red rubber bands ensure there's
enough pressure to hold the kerfing in place while the glue is drying
Gluing the side braces
about done
The end block is laminated as well. Cocobolo looks stunning
 (thou nobody's ever gonna see it once the box is closed)
and prevents sapele from cracking.
Next up: Choosing the binding material. Koa, Maple or Cocobolo? Hmm...

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