maanantai 8. syyskuuta 2014

Closing the soundbox

This was a busy but effective day. As a result, I got the soundbox closed and trimmed in the end.

First I notched the sides to fit the brace ends

a good, flat file is an able tool for that
Then I prepared the slot for the end graft, using my pull saw against a fence

Lisää kuvateksti

the slot was cleaned with a chisel...

...and a Koa wedge with black-white-black purfling to match the koa binding

Ready to glue down the top!

…using the Go-bar deck. With good fit there's no need for crushing clamp force

Next task was to start the neck work. Cutting the 13 decree angle for headstock

…and after some planing and sanding, gluing down the angle.  

To God be the glory for this unbelievably rewarding hobby!

Bridge plate is birdseye maple looking so good it's a shame to bury inside the guitar.

A small sound port cut before closing the box for good 
Go-baring the back

Soundbox after trimming the edges.

Quite lively pattern!

Next up: Binding and purfling

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