perjantai 12. syyskuuta 2014

Koa binding

The soundbox of Sami's guitar is finished now. Well, actual finishing takes some sanding and laying down the shellac layer. But that's another story. The wooden parts of the guitar soundbox are there, and I've moved to the neck work. Here are some pictures of my binding procedure.

Cutting the ledges for purfling and binding with my

Stewmac koa bindings with black-white-black purfling
bend quite nicely after a while in hot water, even
without pre-bending. 

Time to do something else for a while

Binding after trimming and precursory sanding

Koa sits nicely on this dark sapele. Nice pick, Sami!

I've seen uglier backs

I much prefer this fine patterned herringbone trim
from LMII over the bold patterns most other vendors carry

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