tiistai 7. elokuuta 2012

Soundport and preparations

During the summer I've been busy with mostly other things than luthiery. But a little has been done in that realm too. In June, I cut the soundport and in August started the preparations for attaching the back to the guitar. Guess that's something at least.

I start by taping the side and eyeballing the size,
shape and placement of the port.
Some measuring was involved as well, if I recall it right.
 Remember not to cut where you glued the side reinforcement braces!
The hole roughed out with a dremel tool.
...and further refined with a file and round sanding stick
I trimmed the port with a black-white wooden purfling,
that had to be jointed in two places to fit the curve of the side
Done! Hope Jouni likes eggs...
The sides are matched to the curvature of the back
by sanding on the same concave disc that the back bracing was glued on.
First, I mark the whole contact surface of the sides and blocks with a pen...
...then I sand until all the markings are gone

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